Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Literary Pursuits of the month of December,2008

Although I once took an inexplicable delight in browsing through the pages of a dictionary just to come across a new word, my adventure was short lived and was over well over seven years ago for me to find a word that aptly describes the category of novel lovers that I fall into. I would probably describe more as a worshiper of an author than his/her talent. If I like an author,I usually end up chasing all his/her books. I guess in terms of pure literary merit of the works I have read the thing that stand out is they are no nonsense pure entertainer.According to the self proclaimed more serious readers, I would fall somewhere midway between trash readers and the elite.

Anyways coming to the reason behind my post, Sidney Sheldon and Jeffrey Archer have been benefactors of my flawed literary tastes. Whenever my wallet permits or someone nearby is willing to lend me money, I have to buy any of their books if they are on sale and i have not read them.This December I bought The Naked killer and cat O'nine Tales. another feature of my reading habit is that I usually dont complete a novel I dont find pulsating enough.Needless to say I have manged to say, the authors in question had been spared the fate.But it was baout to change this december.

People should stick to their field of expertise. authors should not travel too far from their familiar teritorry.If they manage to dothe impossible, they are great but I have used the word impossible for a reason most of the authors have failed miserably to complete the journey. As a rule most authors fall face down in mud. I dont know what Sheldon was thinking when he was writing with male protagonist.But this act of his managed him the distinction of being labeled putdown able.

Archers Cat O Nine was spared the fate for it was a collection of not so short stories. Every turn of page promised me the return of the old Arthur who would ouwit me and get paid for the same. Yet the first few ones were pure Ricky-Pontingish reaction to his being sent to prison. The wit, twist was absent.the pages were screaming I might have gone to jail but I am no sinner.It was only in his last two stories that the old wit was rehabilitated and I got my moneys worth.

I have only one prayer to all future recipients of my literary adulation --Please do stick to your field of expertise. Please

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