Friday, January 9, 2009

Return to the cliches

Today is 8th of January, kshitij or ktj (as we like to call it) is going stronger than ever. for the first time in four years, I have nothing to do to make it a success. Times move on people come by to follow in your footsteps.Last year this time round, I was searching images thrown up in google searches to make questions on excalibur. An event that I had very much made my own. I was scanning for the judges to look for any loop holes. If this blog was a more frequented one, maybe many of you would not have understood a word of what I am saying. but since i am the only one reading this blog, I shall the liberty to write any nonsense that I want.

My second year this time around was spent in cal trips every alternate day.In my third year it was spent ensuring everything falls in line. writing codes for accommodation form.Preparing budget and what not. Last year was spent handling math challenge, Excalibur and other such activities.This year I relax in my chair and write about my past experiences.

It gives you immense joy to see your proteges go beyond the horizon. And I am thankful that I am fortunate enough.

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