Friday, July 3, 2009

Terminator damnation

Certain artists create an air anticipation. When ones favorite movie watched legally in a theater and the only movie watched multiple times is the dark knight, one just wishes for time to fly by to cut short the long days and months to pass by and be awed at the marvel of human creativity. Alas, many a hopes are damned to be unfulfilled. With bated breath, I ventured towards BigCinemas at Ameerpeth to have a glimpse and to enthralled by Christain Bales latest movie "Terminator Salvation".

At first I thought I was lucky to get the best possible seats without any advance booking.Well law of averages is valid. My luck ran out or rather the colective luck of entire audience ran out.The movie was a shocker. The story was ridiculous and had no credibility even after suspension of disbelief. The acting was less than what is visible in one dimensional photo shoots. To rub salt in the wounds, there were no hot scenes.

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