Wednesday, September 23, 2009

unrequited Love of my unrequited love

I plead, I beg, I scream, I pray I cry
for it to leave me alone
Yet it still comforts my eyes
When I cry all alone.

When my eyes scream
"No more tears to rain"
It make me dream
About Dancing in the rain
With the one I wish I live on till eternity
And my tears go away to the distant island of reality.

Requited love is only a crown of thorns
that forever conspires to keep you forlorn.
The pain of parting makes your heart shiver in fear
You need your ears to hear
You need your mind to listen
What the nose might have spoken
You need your skin to tell that she is actually here
To reassure your mind that you are near
To the one who is so dear.

In unrequited love, I meet, I kiss, I love my love
When I wish,when I want where I claim
For I can dream when i wish, where I want.
I need no music, no sight, no fragrance, no touch
For I can dream what I want and how I want
For I am the love of unrequited love .

Yet I wish for the crown of thorns


  1. The one with the crown of thorns know only the trivial side of love. It is you who know love's true tragedies.

  2. i had asked for a comment that was at max half as good or philosophical as the couplet i wrote

  3. Thank your stars I did not come up with another GBS quote :)

  4. vaise love can make great poets ...and specially the unsuccessful love :P

  5. btw we have enough poems to write a book...first half will be of ur poems and the latter of my non ryhming ones ;) whatsay

  6. Aur sarey poems mein comments mein daaloonga ... whatsay ?

  7. lovely array of words..nd certainly this gives the unsuccessful wooer some solace....but comeon requited love is not all thorns its reality gives u unrequited love on the other hand ... u simply wish :P ..