Sunday, November 15, 2009

one of the best movies I have ever watched

I thought of several titles for this post- good dialogs, a coincidental part of any good movie - the day when seemingly random noises made so much sense. Thanks to larger than life status of Rajnikanth and Chiranjeevi - most of us who were born and brought up north of the vindyas have a sort of generic condemnation for south indian movies. We generally have a predisposed condemnation for this form of entertainment. Being from kgp I had free access to all kinds of movies being fresh out of kgp is more significant in this context.

I like to learn the language of the place I stay in. So i had asked for a few telegu movies primarily to have a nice laugh and pick up a few words. The movie in question was happy days. Wow what a flashback of the last five memorable years. Although i am from a purely residential campus and the movie was set in quasi residential college- there are moments that simply transcend the capabilities of 65000 shades rainbow dancing in my 22" lcd monitor. The n number of trips I had to the beaches of Sankarpur and their memories chocked my eyes as I saw Chandu and his group dance with the waves.

I never thought the name Tyson could evoke sympathy and admiration in my heart till I watched this movie. Since I did not know the storyline, I kept hoping till the last lines of credit rolled out that university of Minnesota or its ramoji imitation will greet my eyes. Alas !!
We normally associate high pitched ridiculous action and "mind its" over aged heroes in south Indian movies. How wrong I was.

Only emotion I could not relate to was girls getting jealous. It is just not possible to see those emotions in a skewed environment as that of kgp. I want to continue on and on but am sort of words. My post seems like a ridiculous attempt in English to pay tribute to the movie I watched without sub titles - not a matter of choice but lack of it- i had 2 cd versioin but net only has 1 dvd version srt files.Very few movies make a normal person develop such strong emotions for all characters. Even fewer movies make me watch the same movie again without forwarding ."Happy Days" did just that.


  1. rightly said.. :) happy days is a class apart... guess what .. i said down with bhalu and niks bhau after convincin them to watch happy days without subtitles and i was the translator then !!.. wat times those were... truly nostalgic..

  2. :) i was lucky enuf not to need subtitles :)) [thnx to my gult knowledge] .. seriously ossome muvi.. especially the farewell.. n the scene in which his senior comes for placements and helps him out..

  3. I know what you are doing here.

    Telugu Bandi pe fight ?
    :D :D Great Strategy. All telugu people (and more so chicks) are born with a strand of liking for these movies in their DNA.

    Good luck!

  4. @murthy i wont discriminate against ny language. n i need all the luck